Drink Healthy Water

Through the efforts of HANKGO engineers for many years, they have finally turned their ideas into reality and achieved success, so that several families around the world can enjoy clean drinking water and significantly improve the quality of life......

Our heritage

The production chain always strictly implements United Hankgo standardized production management system

Intelligent and professional high-precision intelligent dust-free workshop

Apply analysis technology and artificial intelligence to keep the production quality at the optimal level

Innovative and outstanding R&D and new material application technology capabilities

Product innovation is always accompanied by technological innovation

Hankgo's technological innovation is more to maintain or expand the technological competitive advantage of leading competitors and create products with core competitiveness.

The world's top technical experts, advanced precision laboratory equipment and complete test data

Top technical experts in the industry, with excellent professional ability and rich management experience

Relying on advanced technology, provide technical support including water purification analysis services in all fields

Development history of one hundred years

In 1874, United Hankgo water System was born in Europe and Germany

With a development history of more than 140 years, is a global manufacturer of net equipment and materials.

Create Better

Living Environment

Cherish earth resources, incorporate renewable energy procurement into our global energy plan, and provide different solutions for different regions

Life Style

Encouraging our employees to adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle will not only have a positive impact on their lives, but also promote Hankgo's business success.

Innovative Product

Innovate raw materials and manufacturing processes, optimize waste discharge, and make meaningful changes for our planet

Advanced Technique

Always stay at the forefront of world science and technology, and pursue unknown possibilities with courage and wisdom.

Healthy Water

Provide high-quality water health services for global consumers, so that everyone in the world can drink healthy water

Design concept

It interprets the perfect combination of design and craftsmanship, focusing on function, intelligence and durability to improve human life

Provide High-Quality Water Health Services

We are committed to practicing the sustainable development strategy, continuously improving people's quality of life through meaningful innovation, and providing a cup of healthy water for every user in the world

For Our Planet
What Should We Do

Save Resources
Avoid Waste
Be Kind To The Environment
Green Travel
Protection Of Biodiversity
Stop Logging
Reduce Emissions
Protect Wild Animals

Social Involvement
Help More People

We believe that we can help more lives with you! Care for their drinking water safety, children's education, living conditions, medical level

Let countless families around the world enjoy water security, and significantly improve the quality of human life

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