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We Are Professional European Manufacturer Of Water Purification Products And Materials

United Hankgo has been focusing on water purification, committed to providing users with excellent, efficient and diversified healthy water system purification solutions, and constantly innovate and explore......

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Based on the love for healthy life in the brand gene and the corporate social responsibility, we hope to promote environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle with actions!


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The highly efficient and reliable impurity filtering system is the first barrier for water purification in the whole house to remove rust, sediment, etc.

  • Dual mode intelligent punch
  • Backwashing technology
  • Preparation of food grade raw materials
  • Ultra high pressure resistant filter bottle
  • Integrated copper valve head
  • Medical grade stainless steel filter screen
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Central Water Purifier

The medical grade stainless steel filter screen is a household water purification equipment that combines a fully automatic control valve with a food grade glass fiber reinforced plastic pressure tank and filters tap water through the built-in imported coconut shell activated carbon filter material.

  • Precision photoelectric sensor
  • Super mute technology
  • Self cruise function
  • Two way flushing technology
  • Piston control valve
  • High precision 360°water distributor
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Central Water Softener

Ion exchange technology is used to replace calcium and magnesium ions in water to reduce water hardness and inhibit scale generation.

  • High efficiency cation resin
  • Jade ceramic valve core
  • Siphon salt absorption technology
  • Intelligent regeneration control
  • Ultra low water level salt tank
  • Counter current regeneration technology
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Purifying water softener

The soft water technology and water purification technology are combined to realize the function of softening and purifying water in the whole house, so that you can enjoy the life of soft and clean water.

  • Double FRP resin tank
  • Time flow dual control
  • Soft and clean integration
  • Power off memory protection
  • High hardness quartz stone
  • Self cruise function
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Terminal Water Purifier

Self cruise function can effectively remove fine impurities, inorganic salts, organics, heavy metal ions, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water to fully protect human health

  • Ultra high filtration precision
  • Fresh function
  • Core changing self-locking water
  • Smart Faucet
  • Integrated water tank design
  • Barrel free integrated design
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The whole house water purification system includes prefilter, central water purifier, central water softener and end drinking machine, which work together to provide high-quality drinking water and domestic water for families.

The water softener uses ion exchange technology to exchange the functional ions of the resin with calcium and magnesium ions in the water to absorb excess calcium and magnesium ions in the water, so as to soften the water.

Effectively filter sediment, heavy metals and residual chlorine in water, remove discoloration, odor, bacteria, etc., solve the secondary pollution problem of pipelines, and protect downstream water equipment.

Let countless families around the world enjoy water security, and significantly improve the quality of human life

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